March 7, 2022

Studying in the United Kingdom is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience. But you’re going to miss your family and

Studying in the United Kingdom is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience. But you’re going to miss your family and everything you’ve left behind sooner or later. Studying can be stressful at times, so seeing your parents and other family members can provide some welcome relief.

Surprisingly, your Tier 4 student visa allows you to carry your family members to the UK. Viza International says that a Post Graduate student or a PhD can bring their family as dependents to the UK. Here’s what you need to know about visiting your family in the United Kingdom while studying there.

But there are few requirements or things that the government checks for determining who is eligible and who is not. Qualifications To be able to bring anyone into the UK on a student visa, you must meet certain legal conditions.

If you have a Tier 4 student visa, you can invite family members to join you in the UK for a limited time if the following conditions are met:

● while doing a postgraduate degree.

● when your degree program is full-time and will last at least 9 months.

● when you are enrolled in a 6-month or longer study program sponsored by the UK government or a foreign government.

● when You are a PhD candidate with a Doctorate Extension Scheme visa.

It’s worth noting that if you’re pursuing an Advanced Diploma, you won’t be able to apply for a Tier 4 visa to bring a family member with you. You can only carry a few relatives into the UK on a Tier 4 Dependent visa.

Current laws in the United Kingdom decide what constitutes a dependent. Those other relatives are entitled to apply for a Tier 4 Dependent visa in the United Kingdom. Your wife, husband, or civil partner Your partner in the partnership Your minor children, including those born in the United Kingdom while you were a resident there.

Your children over the age of 18 are also entitled to apply for an extension as your dependents if you want to extend your Tier 4 visa to stay in the UK longer. It is recommended that you contact the International Office at your UK university or the Home Office for more information on this matter.

Process of Tier 4 dependent visa Your members of the family will not be able to apply for a Tier 4 Dependent visa until you have been issued a student visa in the United Kingdom. Similarly, if you’re applying to prolong your stay in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, your dependents must wait until you hear back on your application.

A Tier 4 Dependent visa can be applied online by your dependents. Each dependent must fill out an application. Your application must present the following supportive documents to apply for a Tier 4 Dependent visa:

● Their Travel Document.

● A tuberculosis certificate is a document that certifies the absence of tuberculosis.

● Proof of your partnership (for example, whether they are your husband or wife, the marriage certificate must be submitted).

● You must provide proof that you have been issued a student visa.

They will be given a 30-day temporary residence permit in the UK at first. They must make an appointment at the nearest UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVACS) to obtain their biometric details in order to authenticate their identity once they arrive in the UK.

Name, date, place of birth, immigration status, your access to public funds such as health care, as well as your fingerprints and a facial image are all included in biometric information. You and your dependents must apply at the same time if you want to extend your visa or move to another form of UK visa. If this is not feasible, your dependents would need to trust that your application will be handled prior to applying for a reliant visa.

Expenditure for getting the visa Any dependent who applies for a Tier 4 dependent visa must pay the following fees:

● The visa costs £475 (£348 for dependents applying from outside the UK).

● An annual health-care fee (approximately $300).

● A biometric residence permit costs about $20.

In most cases, the dependents will have to wait up to 8 weeks for a response to their visa application. However, a priority service costs 500 dollars, and a super-priority service costs 800 dollars. If you choose the former, your Tier 4 dependent visa application will be processed in 5 working days, while if you choose the super-priority service, you will obtain a decision in no more than two days.

Funds Proof of funding is not needed to endorse a new dependent visa application in the UK if the dependent has been in the UK for at least 12 months with a valid visa at the time of the permission to stay application. The prerequisite, according to the Home Office, is that the dependent has kept their current visa for at least 12 months at the time of application, rather than being based in the UK for the entire duration.

If the defendant has not been in the UK for a substantial portion of the previous year, and the Home Office provides an example of at least 3 months, they will be required to provide proof of meeting the financial criteria during the application process. This condition can be met with a bank statement or a bank letter, and the funds can be kept in the student’s name or the partner/partner’s name.

The financial statements must indicate that the necessary amount of funds was kept for a minimum of 28 days (ending on the closing balance date) and no more than 31 days before the application deadline. A letter from the sponsor stating this may be submitted to meet the financial conditions if the student has official financial support that covers the living costs of any dependents.

The sum they are paying to cover the living expenses of any dependents will need to be confirmed in the letter. Additional financial reporting would be needed if it does not cover the entire amount required. For more details, you can contact your visa agencies and ask for clarification about the terms and conditions of this law in the UK, they might charge for consultancy services.

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