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Q: I’m a grade 12 student and am within the commerce with psychology stream. i might wish to pursue a career in the psychology stream. What are the various courses in psychology and therefore the job opportunities available?

Studying psychology along side commerce is an amazingly astute decision and that i congratulate you for thinking out of the box. it’s important to know that studying psychology doesn’t necessarily mean you’d find yourself us a psychologist offering medical advice. The study of psychology and behavior can convince be immensely beneficial within the business world and lifestyle making you a useful asset to any organization. you’ll use your knowledge of psychology to reinforce the effectiveness of communication and therefore the way best to reply and interact individuals. this might prove extremely helpful not only in job interviews and thus the work place but also in developing healthy relationships. By studying psychology, you’ll be better prepared to know and analyses emotions behind human actions resulting in skillful conflict resolution.

As a psychologist you’ll be trained to think critically and analyses any given situation from various angles before coming to an informed decision. Obviously critical and analytical reasoning is a crucial trait for any leadership position. These are skills that are developed by studying psychology and may assist you at work and in your career. you furthermore may have an honest spectrum of options to choose from the normal medical related opportunities. Psychotherapy is a stream whose applicability and principal lie mainly in healthcare department. A psychotherapist diagnoses is known to treat psychological disorders like depression, personality disorders, trauma and anxiety.

An academic psychologist helps youngsters achieve life goals and also understand and help resolve emotional problems emanating from family, social or peer pressure. With workplace stress becoming a daily phenomenon most large companies today use the services of an organisational psychologist to advise management and workers how best to enhance relationships between peers, increase productivity and combat depression.

Another career option that is possible in this field is psychometric which includes customising psychometric tests, evaluating, reporting and interpreting the findings. Within the corporate world, graduating with a business psychology degree could assist you join the HR team. additionally to determining the IQ, organisations routinely screen prospective candidates for his or her EQ or emotional quotient and a specialist with a psychology background could also be a worth added opinion within the recruitment process.

The stress would get on human behaviour within the professional space and motivating the resources for better performance. It also involves recognizing and analysing personality traits of people which might be essential for key leadership positions in organizatios. Another interesting career in this field that attracts people is that of a selling psychologist which involves understanding and analysing consumer behaviour to predict product suitability and consumer spending habits. additionally to Ivy League and Oxbridge Universities, psychology on its own or as a dual degree combined with business are often studied at Kings College, Anglia Ruskin, University of Chicago, University of Melbourne and University of Toronto.

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