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Q. My son is in high school and wants to become an automotive engineer. He wanted to hunt Foreign technologies of motorsport. Please advice the best universities.

Automotive technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way vehicles are transported. From electric vehicles to car entertainment and self-driving cars, there are many innovations in these vehicles. This area of momentum is a good career choice. Organizations such as Tesla and Google have confirmed that this area not only attracts the best talent, but also rewards well.

To work in this field, you must be passionate about automotive technology. As with all engineering disciplines, you will need a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. This knowledge will help you explore more complex technical concepts and lay the foundation for entry into mechanical engineering. Depending on the aspect of automotive engineering you want to pursue, select courses and courses that will help you adapt to your goals, such as: B. Electrical Systems, Fluid Systems, and Vehicle Design. Work faster and be prepared to adapt to rapidly changing needs.

Admission requirements depend on the country in which you are studying. Understanding engineering concepts at school level is helpful and can help you learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and automotive before turning to more advanced topics such as designing and manufacturing automobiles. You can. Be sure to choose a country with a strong automotive industry. Not only does this help your job and internship opportunities, the exchanges between faculty, academia and industry in these countries are much stronger.

The legendary IUPUI (Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis) offers a four-year program that helps students ultimately build a solid foundation of design and analysis skills for building automotive systems. As an American university, you must complete an off-campus degree application that generates an SAT and demonstrates your passion for the field. The UK is the third largest car manufacturer in Europe, and organizations such as JLR and Rolls-Royce are headquartered in the UK.. The University of Warwick maintains an excellent partnership with industry and complements their hard work. 

This is a research opportunity for students at the Center for Sustainable Automotive Innovation and for giants like Jaguar. In Germany, he earned degrees in automotive engineering and mechatronics from universities such as the University of Bayreuth. Higher education in Germany is also available in English, and in modern conditions it is recommended to follow this path.

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