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Blog on Physiotherapists Visa

There are different kinds of visas to work and study in the UK. You can get to work in the UK with a physiotherapist visa. A physiotherapist visit allows physiotherapists from different parts of the world to come to the UK for an eligible job as a physiotherapist.

Before you file a physiotherapist visa application to work in the UK, you need to meet the eligibility criteria that the UK immigration department has set.

The eligibility criteria to get the Physiotherapist visa for the UK are as follows:-

  • You should have a qualification to be a physiotherapist.
  • You must have a valid job offer from a British employer. The home office should approve it.
  • Certificate Of Sponsorship or COS from your employer. It would include the job role for which you would work in the UK.
  • Also, your employer must give you a minimum salary for your job. The offer should pay you more than 20,480 pounds per annum as a physiotherapist.

You will need to prove your proficiency in English to get the physiotherapist visa to the UK. For that to happen, qualify for the Secure English Language Test or SELT from an approved provider.

Documents Required For Applying For The Physiotherapist Visa

  • You need to have a Certificate of Sponsorship reference number, along with all the details like your job title, your annual salary as a physiotherapist, occupation code, name of the employer, and their sponsor license number.
  • You need proof of your English knowledge, as you need to speak, read and write in English in the UK during your job.
  • The application will ask for a valid passport, Evidence of your savings, proof of your relationship with your partner or your children, and Tuberculosis test results if required.
  • Also, you need to submit a criminal record certificate.

To apply for a physiotherapist visa for the UK, you need to fill out an online visa application form which you would get from the official website of the UK government home office.

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