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Q: Can I get a master’s degree in a completely different direction than a bachelor’s degree? I graduated from a financial institution, but my choice is the media.

Looking back, you can see that the professions and professions that many people were engaged in were very different from those in their twenties. So you often want more than what you learned in college. We often select areas based on peer pressure or willingness to work, but we find that programs lack skills and abilities. I believe that students should take a psychometric test. On paper, it’s entirely possible to go from a Bachelor of Finance to a Master of Media. More importantly, your interests and skills match your job. A college internship is a great opportunity to pursue an exciting career as well as explore your hobbies. Internships are a great opportunity to develop practical and professional skills and establish contacts with the industry.

In today’s environment, a bachelor’s degree in media studies does not necessarily target students who wish to pursue traditional careers in fields such as journalism, advertising, and television communications. Rather, it focuses on how different media are communicated and the impact that comes with them. Jobs in the media industry range from office work to content creation, performing arts work, advertising copywriting, graphic design and event management. This is a highly creative field that often requires short lead times, long workdays, enthusiasm, and flexible thinking to adapt to dynamic work environments. Experience is very important in this industry, so when choosing your program, you should link it to your internship and your job. These areas include musical interpretation, staging, choreography, filmmaking, acting, and directing. .

Besides the media, other arts are also interesting. Visual arts can include visual arts such as painting and sculpture. Decorative arts such as jewelry, contemporary art such as photography and video recording. They all have great career potential. There is also an interesting art history study area where you can look at the evolution of painting and architecture. See what you have learned and rate it. You can use this option to work in museums and galleries. These include Berkeley, University of Southern California, LSE, University of Wisconsin, Stanford, University of California Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania, and NUS.

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