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Essential Documents for UK Dependent Visa: Complete Checklist

UK dependent visa document list

The United Kingdom has one of the most prominent career and job opportunities. It is the best country for international students to study and work.

A large proportion of people migrate to the UK. These people have some dependents on them who need to accompany them to the UK.

A UK dependent visa is the type of visa that enables the dependents of a person who is a permanent resident or a UK citizen to apply to join that person in the UK. People having a visa to work or study in the UK can also bring their family on this visa.

There are several benefits of a dependent visa. You can work in the Uk without having the guilt of leaving your dependents behind. Your children can also accompany you and study in the UK without IELTS.

To apply for a UK-dependent visa, you need to have certain documents. You can submit the dependent visa application online along with the supporting documents.

What do you need for a dependent visa?

First of all, to become eligible for this visa, you must be the spouse, unmarried or civil partner of the person living in the UK. Children who are under the age of 18 years who cannot finance themselves are also eligible for this visa. 

Secondly, prove that your sponsor can afford your stay in the UK to take your application to the next level.

  • The most basic document you need for any visa is a passport. 
  • You need the Certificate of Sponsorship as proof that your UK citizen can afford your expenses in the UK.
  • The authorities will also need details of any previous immigration application on your behalf. 
  • Married couples should have a marriage certificate or a proof of civil partnership.’
  • A tuberculosis test is mandatory if your stay is beyond six months. 
  • The authorities will need an email confirmation of the Immigration Health Surcharge Payment. For children, a birth certificate, letter of consent, and Email confirmation of the Immigration Health Surcharge Payment are mandatory to present. 

At last, prepare a printed document checklist from the visa application that you have made. 

If you fail to understand the UK-dependent visa application process or face problems while filling out one, you can take help from the expert team of Viza International. Our team can assist you in every step of the application.

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