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Government Authorized Exchange Visa

Many people from various parts of the world travel to the UK for different reasons. Some travel to study in the UK, while some travel to work in the UK. 

The government-authorized exchange visa is the type of visa using which many people go to the UK. The temporary work-government authorized exchange visa is the visa that allows an individual to come to the UK to take part in any approved internship, training, or work in research program.

However, the government-authorized exchange visa is not a route to settle in the UK. You can only stay for one or two years on this permit.

Requirements For A Temporary Work-Government Authorized Exchange Visa

To get a Government authorized exchange visa, you need to meet the following requirements:-

  • Your sponsor must issue a certificate of sponsorship in your name mentioning your job role. The sponsor must also have an Exchange sponsor license.
  • The role for which you would be going to the UK must meet the conditions of an approved government-authorized exchange scheme.
  • You need to have enough funds to support you during your stay in the UK. You should be able to prove that you have at least 1270 pounds in your bank account to sustain yourself.
  • You need a health checkup to obtain a valid tuberculosis certificate if required.

You can apply for the temporary work- government-authorized exchange visa online by simply visiting the official website of UK immigration. The visa application fee that you need to pay is 259 pounds. However, the health surcharge is usually around 600 pounds per year.

In the temporary work-government-authorized exchange visa, you can stay in the UK for one or two years, which would depend on the time of your work. A visa application of this type takes around three weeks to get an answer.

You can connect with the expert team of Viza International if you plan to go abroad anytime soon. Viza International has experience assisting different individuals get temporary work- government-authorized exchange and many other visas to the UK.

Moreover, Viza International has the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, helping and guiding many students to get a visa to study in the UK.

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