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How to apply for British Citizenship

British Citizenship

The United Kingdom opens its doors to cultures and talents from around the globe. Millions of scholars and working professionals have visited the States on work and study visas. 

British Citizenship gives the privilege to work and study in the UK without immigration restrictions. You will get permanent resident permission in the states of the UK.

Being a British National gives you the rights and responsibilities of the states, including the freedom to vote in the parliamentary elections. Citizenship also gives you the right to apply for a UK passport. 

You are already a British citizen if:-

  • You were born in one of the states of the UK.
  • Your parents are British nationals.
  • Your place of birth was a British settlement before 1983.

You do not need to apply for permanent residence if you satisfy one of the above conditions. You can easily study in the UK with scholarships, get high-paying jobs, and settle without any restriction.

How to apply for British Citizenship?

  • One of the most common ways of applying for this permit is Naturalisation. You are eligible for this method if you are over 18 years and do not have criminal records. Also, you have to live in the UK with an indefinite leave-to-remain visa for more than a year.
  • If you are married to a British spouse, you can apply for British Citizenship after three years of settling in the UK. 
  • If no country recognizes you as its citizen or you are a stateless person, you are eligible for permanent residency in the UK. 

British Citizenship is relatively easier to apply if you have a settlement visa or an Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) for more than five years. This process, however, comes with a condition of not being away from the UK for more than two years.

The application for turning into a British national can be complex and time-taking without expert help. Please connect with our team of professionals at Viza International to apply for British Citizenship with an easy process. 

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