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The United Kingdom is not only the best country for Indian students to study but also a business hub. The place holds thousands of unsold business ideas and job opportunities. 

The UK government issues many business visas to foreigners every year. One of these business visas is an innovator visa. 


As the name suggests, the innovator founder visa gives you the right to set up and run a new and innovative business in the UK. You are also eligible for this visa if an endorsing body approves your business idea. 

This body needs you to be a founder or a member of an innovator team. Also, you must be above 18 years, independent, and fluent in English.

Who can get an Innovator Visa?

Anyone with an original and innovative business idea for the market of the UK is eligible for this visa. The business must have the potential to be a success in the economy. 


Your sound business strategy should be able to create jobs and reach international boundaries. You will get the visa only after the endorsing body approves your idea. 

The UK innovator founder visa permits you to stay in the UK for up to three years. You will have to report your business profits/losses to the endorsing body after a year and again after two years. 

You may apply for renewal once you can prove that your business is making enough progress. You are also eligible for a settlement visa at this stage.

You will need a low amount of £50,000 to invest in the proposed business. An average application takes three weeks to process after submission. Hence, it is a time and cost-efficient process.

However, this process, from filling up the form to when your application gets approved, takes a lot out of you. The best option would be to hire a professional for this work. 

Our team at Viza International has the best visa consultants who can make this an easy process. Please connect with us to apply for a family visa, business visa, a visa to study in the UK, etc.

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