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I made a mistake in the application form for a UK visa. What should I do?

The UK visa application process is long and can be complex at times. An error or incorrect information on the form can result in delay or refusal. Therefore, UK immigration appeals to all applicants to be responsible throughout the process. You must be very careful and comprehensive in giving out your details. 

However, it is understandable that mistakes occur even after being careful. You must take immediate steps to correct it if it occurs.

There are two implications of UK visa application form mistakes.

  • Wrongful refusal of a visa application- The Home Office usually does not refuse a visa application on a minor error. Authority can ignore immaterial mistakes at times. However, if you face such a refusal, you should apply for an administrative review within 28 days of visa refusal. This application will cost another 80 pounds. It may take up to six months to receive a decision on this application. You may even need to reapply for your visa.
  • The visa on an erroneous basis- The Home Office may not notice a mistake while reviewing your application. In these cases, you get an approval decision without any hassle due to your error. However, you must report it to the Home Office as it can create a problem if they discover it in the future. You may be a victim of a deliberate deception case if you do not report the error on time. 

You must contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) if you realise that you have made a mistake in the form after the submission. You will find a way to contact the department on the .gov website, irrespective of your location. They may give access to amend your error if it is immaterial or minor. 

It is better to seek assistance from UK immigration consultants or specialists before addressing a visa application mistake. Experts at Viza International have experience handling such cases and can guide you better.