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Nurse Visa

There are different types of visas for visiting the United Kingdom. It may be a visa to study in the UK, a tourist visa, a worker visa, or a nurse visa.

A Nurse Visa or a healthcare worker visa is for special forces that work in the hospital. It allows different medical professionals, like doctors and nurses, to come or stay in the UK for a job with the National Health Service or NHS.

Eligibility To Get A Nurse Or Health And Care Worker Visa

The officials of the UK immigration department have set some eligibility criteria for the visa. They are as follows:-

  • A qualified nurse, doctor, health expert, or adult social care specialist can apply for a nurse visa or health and care worker visa.
  • The job they are going for must come under the list of health or social care operations.
  • You need to have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from your employer with all the information about the duration of your stay, job role, etc.
  • You need to be paid a minimum salary, depending on the type of work you will do in the UK. This salary requirement is a different number for a nurse, a doctor, a health professional, and an adult social care professional.

It is necessary to know that a nurse visa application will ask if you are fluent in English speaking, reading, writing, and understanding. To get the visa, you need to pass the English Eligibility Test.

In a nurse visa or health and care worker visa, you can stay in the UK for not more than five years. Although if you wish, you can extend the permit depending on your work. You can even apply for an ILR after living in the UK for five years.

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