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Permanent residence in UK after studies

The UK is a dream place for many Indian students and a few of them also wish to stay
permanently thereafter completion of their studies. But it is hard to get permanent residence in
the UK after studies. Much legal paperwork has to be completed to get the PR.

After completion of graduate or postgraduate courses, there are few conditions that you need to fulfill before
applying for the PR. Students have several questions to ask from the agencies.

Some questions that may arise in the mind of students are- how much time it takes to get a Visa, how many hours
a day can a student work, can a student get a PR just after completion of his degree, documents
required for applying for the PR and many more such questions have come up. This article will
resolve all of your questions.

According to the company, Viza International, the UK provides its graduates with a Post Study
Work option of 2 years where a graduate/post-graduate, after completion of their studies, can
apply to stay back within the country and appear for job placement.

To get a Permanent Residency within the UK, one must get a Peace Permit / Entrepreneur / Innovator / Start-Up or
related visas for five years.

Following are the things you need to ensure before applying for PR:-

  1. Getting a Study visa: The most important aspect is to get PR in the UK for international
    students. All of the documents required for the Tier 4 Student Visa are posted on the
    UKVI website, which typically includes the Passport, photos, the University Admit, and
    the UK address.

You must obtain a medical certificate stating that you are
tuberculosis-free. The visa application fee is £348(25,551 Rs), and there is a
£150(15,572 Rs) annual healthcare fee to demonstrate that you are medically fit. Once
your identity has been confirmed, they may decide to grant you a Tier-4 Visa, also known
as a student visa. The short-term study visa is valid for 6 months and can be extended to
11 months for shorter courses lasting about 6 months.

  1. Valid degree from any UK University- The second thing you need to do for PR is to
    secure your seats in any UK university for higher studies and get a valid degree from it.
    The UK is renowned for the quality of their education system as they have good
    education facilities which are also connected globally.

Once you secure your seat in any
university and complete your studies, the further procedure will be to get your application

  1. Working along with studying: It is extremely simple for students to find an internship.
    Tier-4 visa students can work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during the summer
    and Christmas holidays, earning between £1200(1,24,557 Rs) and £1500 (1,55,737) per
    month. An internship will not only provide you with money but will also assist you in
    improving your resume. This is an important aspect to get PR in the UK.
  2. Employment after completion of the post-graduation: The most essential part to get a
    PR in the UK is to get a secure job in a reputed firm. But apart from that, the UK has a
    Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-5 visa that allows international students to start a business and is
    known as the graduate entrepreneur visa.

All of the world’s largest corporations have
offices in the United Kingdom. Following the completion of a degree. The United
Kingdom invites international students to study there. Students can apply for jobs that
interest them. A Tier-2 visa is important for permanent employment in the United

The United Kingdom allows international students to stay in the country after
graduation for at least two years to find work. If they obtain a PSW visa after finishing
their studies, they will be able to work in any job they can find for the first two years.
Following that, their goal will be to transit into a general work visa.

  1. Permanent residence: For international students, obtaining the “indefinite leave to
    remain (ILR) Visa” is the first step toward becoming a permanent resident in the UK. A
    person can apply for the ILR after 5 years of working in a graduate job. A stable income,
    a full-time job, and good moral character with no criminal record will all aid in obtaining
    the ILR visa.

People must also pass the Knowledge of Life in the United Kingdom test as
well as a recognized English Language test. The ILR visa application process can take
up to 6 months.

These are the following details you need to submit for the ILR:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Passport size photos
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Present status of working or studying
  5. Digital prints of all the figures
  6. Present immigration status

Citizen of the country: After obtaining the ILR and staying in the UK for more than 5 years, a
person can apply for British citizenship. With this citizenship, a person can enjoy all of the
benefits of a British citizen in terms of employment and health care.

These were all the basic requirements and steps to be taken to be a permanent citizen of the UK.

For any more information, you may contact your Visa agency and it will give you all the
necessary details about getting a permanent residence. You may even go for professional

They provide you with professional teams according to the requirements of clients. To
contact the agencies, you can contact them directly through the contact number which is
mentioned on the page or also mail them with your question. They have 24hour services to help
their clients with polite and friendly behavior.

So don’t waste your time, come and grab the greatest opportunity to be a citizen of the United Kingdom.

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