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Study English In The UK (Short-term Study Visa)

British Citizenship

If you plan to study English abroad, there are a thousand reasons to put the United Kingdom on your list of countries. The Study English in the UK visa comes under the category of a short-term study visa.

The UK has a rich history, diverse culture, and renowned educational institutions where you can study English and gain a high-quality learning experience. One cannot have a better learning environment than the thriving cities and beautiful countryside here.

The study English visa or short-term study visa is specifically for people who wish to undertake a short course or an English language program in the UK. This category is ideal for individuals who want to improve their English language skills, want to explore British culture and gain a deeper understanding of the UK’s heritage.

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or simply an English language enthusiast, studying in the UK can be an enriching experience.

Eligibility Criteria To Get The Study English Visa

To become eligible to get the study English visa or short-term study visa, you need to meet some requirements, which are as follows:-

  • Your age must be equal to or more than 16 years.
  • You need an acceptance letter from an authorized English language course lasting 11 months or less and includes no other subjects.
  • You need to have enough funds to support yourself without working in any organization or taking help from public funds during your stay in the UK.

Before applying for the study English in the UK visa, you need to know the things which you can’t do during your stay in the UK:-

  • You cannot study any other course or change your degree on this visa.
  • You cannot enroll in a state-funded school.
  • You cannot work in a self-employment activity or run any business.
  • You cannot extend the course of your stay on this visa.
  • You cannot bring your dependents, like your spouse or children, on this visa.

To apply for this visa, fill out an online visa application form, pay a fee of 200 pounds along with the healthcare surcharge fees, and visit the nearest visa application centre to submit your biometric information.

You can contact the Viza International team to get assistance in applying for a visa to the UK. They are one of the best study-abroad consultants in Kerala, having the experience of helping many Indian people to get short-term study visas.

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