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Q: I am in 11th grade and want to study English Language and Literature abroad at a prestigious
university. Is this a real dream?

It’s commendable to pursue your passion, but it’s also important to make sure your skills match
your passion. For this, it is advisable to conduct reliable psychometric tests and interpret the
results by a specialist. Fortunately, studying English and literature is not only a luxury but also a
rewarding career. You can write new digital content from traditional magazines to learn English.
It also opens doors to copywriting, media writing, and marketing content creation.

Science is believed to dominate Cambridge, while art and humanities dominate Oxford. Oxford
has the Bodleian Library, the largest English language department and library in the UK. While
Oxford and Cambridge are considered the best universities in the world, their English
departments are very popular, it is also important to understand that they are based in St Andrews
in Durham, University of California, Los Angeles.

However, it is a privilege to have a unique learning style, personal training and mentoring that
sets these two institutions apart from the rest. Both universities are looking for gifted and
talented students and there are no restrictions or quotas on the number of international students.
However, you will need the IELTS 8-8.5 series to be able to work with colleagues and discuss
with teachers.

Good academic performance is very important for admission to the best educational institutions.
Not only because they have a solid academic foundation, but also because they have a
well-trained work ethic. Your passion and enthusiasm for the process should be reflected in your
personal statement.

These legendary university interviews are very challenging and you can read
and prepare carefully on a wide range of topics. Courses are offered in Oxford or Cambridge and
may not always be right for you. As your interests and enthusiasm develop and change over time,
explore the course content that each university has to offer and make sure you have the

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