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Q. I am in grade 10 but want to go to School of Science 11-12 (biopsychology) and pursue a career in forensic medicine. Can you guide me

Forensic medicine has gained widespread acceptance through crime-fighting programs such as the CSI, a forensic expert who solves crimes by analyzing crime scenes. The professional reality is more informative, but the general ideas about using science to understand the crime scene are generally correct. The seriousness of this work requires attention to detail, analytical skills, and extreme patience to be able to view evidence from different angles.

When choosing a career in this field, you must be prepared to be spontaneous, work off hours, and work well together as a team. Forensic medicine is a fairly broad field in which there are several disciplines. Medical examiners can help you collect evidence, analyze it in the laboratory or in the field, and present the results to the authorities. A forensic ballista can help you determine the type of weapon used, the type of bullet and where it was made. DNA forensic analysts specialize in field DNA analysis. DNA is believed to be more accurate than fingerprints and is increasingly being used by authorities at crime scenes. Forensic addicts analyze chemicals, poisons, and more. Used in crime. They are expected to have a solid foundation in the fields of chemistry, biology and pharmacology. 

It’s a little different, but it’s digital forensics with a similar name. Analyzing digital backtracking clues can help uncover cybercrime. Forensic accountants are also responsible for tracking funds and analyzing transactions in order to detect fraud, tax violations and even terrorist financing methods. To qualify in this area, you will need a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, pharmacology and statistics, as well as an understanding of criminal law and law. You will also need verbal and written communication skills to be able to testify regularly at a law firm. Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK offers a wide range of forensic medicine courses to its students. Pennsylvania State University in the United States holds a Bachelor of Science degree. Forensic medicine with a specialization in biology and chemistry. Other universities around the world, such as Western Sydney University in Australia, also offer comprehensive degrees in forensic medicine.

Forensic medicine is a vast field, and its practical application requires acting spontaneously, working at the wrong times and working well in a team.

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