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The UK Visa Cost from India for Indian Citizens

The United Kingdom is a temporary (or permanent, to some) home to many Indian citizens. It provides ample career opportunities and a growth-oriented work environment.

The education system of the countries of the UK focuses mainly on personality development, making it the best country for Indian students to study. Numerous visa types open the doors to the UK.

A common question that arises while applying or deciding to apply for a UK visa is the expense. The UK visa cost from India varies according to the kind of visa you want.

Different kinds of visa applications have varying costs. These costs may depend on the duration of your stay, the purpose of the visit, etc.

The following information may give you an idea of the standard cost in INR of some common visas to the UK:-

Standard Visitor visa – for the UK:-

  • Short-term (for single or multiple entries) 10849
  • Long-term (for 2-10 years) 40793-90808
  • Visiting academic – six to twelve months 21699
  • Marriage visitor visa- 10849

Short-term study visa:-

  • Short-term student studying English language for more than 6-11 months 21699


  • Direct Airside Transit (DATV) – 3797
  • Visitor in Transit visa- 6944
  • Visit the purpose of joining a ship or aircraft as a member of the crew of that ship or aircraft (fee also applies to the Isle of Man)- 6944

Parents of children at school:-

  • Parent of a Student child visa (up to 12 months)- 57610

Child visitors:-

  • Short-term for single or multiple entries- 10849
  • Long-term (valid for 2-10) 40793-90808

You can find the best-estimated visa application cost of the visa you want to apply for at the UK government website. You may even contact the best immigration specialists in India, Viza International, to take assistance with the visa application process. The expert team at the company can provide you with an accurate cost of your UK visa application.

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