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A UK dependent visa is a visa that allows the dependents of a person who lives in the UK to apply to stay with them. This type of visa is for dependents like children under 18, disabled people, or parents who don’t earn.

In a UK-dependent visa, the person funding the dependent’s visit and stay is the sponsor. Also, your children can study in the UK without IELTS if they visit the UK on this visa.

If you wish to get a UK dependent visa, a visa to study in the UK, or any other abroad permit, you can contact the team of Viza International. The team will help you in every step of your application.

The records that the visa application will require are your passport, bank statement, the sponsor’s travel documents and visa details, and many more. You can even apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK after living there for more than ten years.

Why Hire Viza International?

Viza International is one of the best study-abroad consultants in Kerala. Our services are spread wide across education loans, scholarships, and other abroad needs.

The company also helps you book your flight tickets for the UK, finalize a college, apply for admission, scholarships in the UK, etc. It conducts counseling sessions to help you find the suitable course suiting your choice when you go to the UK for your higher studies.

Viza International helps you to get admission to top universities in the UK. There are tonnes of low-cost universities providing quality education in the UK. Therefore, your financial condition cannot stop you from taking a step forward to this.

To conclude, Viza International is an all-rounder service provider who would help you to secure your stay and admission to any university in the UK.




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