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UK Dependent Visa New Rules

The United Kingdom welcomes several migrants yearly to provide better career and job opportunities. People even take a settlement visa or British Citizenship to become permanent citizens to work and study in the UK.

The island also assists visas for people who cannot live on themselves. Children below 18 years or people who cannot finance themselves are called dependents.

The UK government grants a dependent visa to these people. A parent can apply for a dependent visa for their children. Similarly, working professionals can bring their dependent parents or partner to the UK.

However, with a massive increase in family members accompanying immigrants to the UK, the authorities have made the rules stricter. There is a restriction on the duration of stay and qualification of the primary candidate.

Who can apply for a dependent visa in 2023?

The authorities have issued new rules against these dependent visas to control immigrants. According to statistics, 35 billion pounds come from international students in the British economy.

The revision will allow dependents pursuing “high-value” degrees such as science, engineering, and mathematics to accompany their relatives to the UK.

The dependents will need £845/month for up to 9 months for courses in London and £680/month for courses outside London. Also, the authorities have cut down on the time of post-study work (PSW) visas.

However, the UK still holds the position of being the student and work hub for immigrants.

Even after the laws get stricter, the United Kingdom attracts a lot of Indian students because of being the best country to work and study for international students. People who have stayed in the UK on any visa for a specific time can apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) too.

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