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UK Immigration Rules on UK Student Visa- 2023

The UK is known to be the best country for international students to study and work. It attracts a massive number of foreign scholars, workers, etc.

The United Kingdom provided accommodation to around 1.2 million immigrants in 2022. A massive rise in this number stood alarming to the countries of the UK. 

As a result, the UK government announced strictness towards immigration laws to impose immigration barriers on migrants. There are some changes in the dependent rules and visa to study in the UK that you may need to know.

Dependents are children below 18, old parents, disabled relatives, people who cannot finance themself, etc. The UK research shows 136000 dependents on the island as of 2022.

Previously, a person on a student, work, or any other visa could bring their dependents to the UK without hassle. The new laws have made changes to this rule.

It allows only students studying at a post-graduate research level to bring their dependents to the UK. This regulation will substantially trim net migration to the country.

The law will also reduce overseas students’ time to remain in the country on their current visa. Students will not be allowed to switch to a work visa from a study visa until the completion of their course.

The home secretary announced that the UK would reaffirm its commitment to International Education Strategy to support the country’s economy. The migration to the UK will now be highly skilled for people who can benefit the economy most.

All this will work parallel with meeting the target to host 600,000 international higher schooling students annually by 2030. The terms of the graduate route will have no change from this rule. 

Effects of the New Immigration Rules

  • It will cut down on the number of migrants to the country.
  • It will restore the International Education Strategy.
  • It will boost the economy by allowing highly-skilled migrants.
  • There will be no misuse of the visa.
  • The government will have control over the UK borders.

All the new rules will come into existence from January 2024. We expect the moves to serve the public commitments of the UK government.

The UK’s ability to attract international talent will not have an effect overall. The rules will also consider global relations before restricting visas.

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