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Thousands of Indians migrate to the UK yearly for better jobs and career opportunities. There are several different kinds of permits to visit the United Kingdom. Some of these include study, work, settlement, and visit visas.

The most common of these visas is a visa to study in the UK because of the country’s ability to manufacture the best brains. The UK has one of the best universities for every course.

Our visa agency in Kerala can convey all this in detail. The team of experts from Viza International can help you carry out the visa process smoothly.

What is a visit visa?

A visit visa to the UK is a short-term visa for a holiday trip or to meet friends and family. The duration of your visit for this visa would be six months.

However, you may apply for a long-term visa if your stay duration varies from 2 to 10 years. You will need this visa if you visit the island regularly.

A standard visitor visa costs around £100 and takes less than three months to process. You can apply for the visa online if you meet the eligibility criteria with all your documents ready.

Who can apply for a visitor visa?

Anyone above 18 years who can support themselves and their dependents during the trip can apply for a visit visa. A UK visit visa is for a specific time, and you must show that you would not extend your stay beyond that time without a permit.

Support your application with a valid passport and other travel documents. The application may take time to process if you do not have proper documents.

You cannot work for a UK company or marry a British citizen during your stay. You may need to meet more conditions if you wish to visit for academic, medical, or work-related chores.

We bring you the best study-abroad consultants in Kerala to solve all your visa problems. Connect with the team to know more.

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