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The International English Language Test (IELTS) is specially designed for students who wish to
study abroad in a country where English is a native language. It is managed by the British
council. The examination is for three hours consisting of four main sections- listening, speaking,
writing, and reading. The test accesses your language skills which are ensured during the
application phase of your admission to your respective college.

It is an important examination as eligibility criteria for universities and colleges in foreign and
even to get a Visa sometimes. However, some universities in the UK offer this opportunity to
study without IELTS.

If you are among some students who want an alternative to IELTS for
getting admission to any university, this article is going to clear all your doubts regarding this.
Steps to get into a UK university
If you are aspiring to go to the UK for further studies, you must know everything from scratch.

Following is the step-by-step process: –

  1. Decide your course and list down your target universities- The courses and the working
    of the universities in the UK are quite different than that of India. Therefore, you would
    want to know briefly about their courses and colleges. List down the universities that you
    would like to apply to according to the course you want to take up.
  2. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria-Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria
    prescribed by your target universities. Furthermore, you will need the following- An
    up-to-date passport, qualification of proficiency in English language, proof of how you
    will be affording your studies financially, A Tuberculosis test (in certain countries), and
    possibly more.
  3. Draw up your personal statement- This statement will define who you are, what brings
    you to the university, and what you will bring to the university. The statement should be
    able to sell you. You have to give a reason to the authorities to select you. The personal
    statement must be brief and attractive. The university will demand this during your
  4. Pay the IHS fees- The Immigration Health Surcharge demands a small fee so that you
    receive free healthcare during your studies.
  5. Apply for Visa and appear for the interview- The visa application center will demand
    your fingerprint and photograph along with all the other important documents. The
    interview will basically revolve around your university, course, and financial condition.
    While all this seems easy, it can create havoc in reality if you do not choose the right agency like
    Viza International who can guide you properly at every step and provide you with proper
    Conditions to study in the UK without IELTS
    A good IELTS score strengthens your application. To waive this off from the eligibility list, there
    are other points that you need to consider.
  6. Studied at a well-known English-medium school- If you have a good background of
    studying from an English-medium school, some Universities can accept your application
    and will check your English proficiency during the application process.
  7. Cut off marks in class X and XII- Your university may also consider your boards’ marks
    in English as an alternative to IELTS.
  8. Special Interview to test the Language skill- You would have to pass a special interview
    that your university will take to examine if you have the right language skills to fit the
  9. A pre-sessional English course- Most of the universities in the UK offer pre-sessional
    courses for foreign students to be able to adapt to the new place. These courses will help
    you to get the required language and classroom skills.

Would you get a UK Study Visa without IELTS?
The answer is simply yes. You can get a visa to the UK. The world-famous company Viza
International says that if you choose a university that accepts the score in Higher Secondary /
12th / A Levels / IB of a candidate as the measure to confirm your English ability, you can get an
entry ticket to your dream career.

A candidate with over 70% for the subject English in any of
the above-mentioned qualifying exams may request the university for an IELTS waiver if the
institution has this arrangement announced as one of the entry requirements.

Universities that provide admission without IELTS
To make your work easier, we have listed down the names of some universities in the UK that
don’t have IELTS as an eligibility criterion for admission.

  1. The University of Bristol- As an alternative to the IELTS, the university checks your
    English proficiency through an interview.
  2. Sheffield Hallam University- The university accepts TOEFL rankings as a choice to
    IELTS. Indian students have to score a minimum of 70% in English in class 12.
  3. London Southbank University- Students get a chance to get admission to this university
    based on their score in class 12.

Some more universities are listed below: –

  1. University of Bolton
  2. University of Warwick
  3. University of Plymouth
  4. Northumbria University
  5. University of Portsmouth

The point is that you still have hope if you cannot appear for IELTS for some reason. The door is
always open for students who have all the determination and energy to do something good for
their life.

So, get your bags ready and cheer up to make your career strong with the UK education
system which is world-famous for manufacturing great human resources.

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